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Starter Drive

Teni-x Starter Drive are made from the best raw material available in the market. Due to its high engineering accuracy, it gives the appropriate starting torque to engine consuming minimum current. We are manufacturers and suppliers of Starter Drive for automobiles. Our Auto Starter Drive are tested and approved by many esteemed customers globally under vigorous testing conditions.

  • Teni-x starter drive are cold extruded (Sleeves & Pinnions) to resist the maximum torgue produced during starting operation.
  • Teni-x drive are properly heat treated considering the finest micro-structure appropriate for drive ensuring minimum wear and tear during its operations
  • Assured quality tested upto 36,000 starting strokes.
  • Various versions of starter drive ensure long life in adverse operating conditions, providing outstanding resistance to humidity, water,, dust, mud, vibrations, high and low temperatures and aggressive liquids.
  • Made with State of Art Technology to make maximum customers satisfaction.

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We specialize in developing products as per customers requirement, samples & specifications.

* original part no.s are for reference purpose only

Bosch Type
Pinons Small Bosch Big Bosch
 Small Bosch
 Big Bosch
For Series : 9T, 10T, 11T 13T, Steel/Bronze
For Series : 1 006 209 404
1 006 209 412
1 006 209 029...etc
For Series : 2 006 209 492
2 006 209 470
2 006 209 500...etc

Lucas Type
Starter Drive Starter Drive Starter Drive
 Starter Drive
 Starter Drive
 Starter Drive
For Series : S-9066241474, 66241583 etc.
For Series : 35257521, 35258139 etc.(Split lever type)
For Series : 54247078, 54249042, 54249041 etc.(Spot Welding Lever)

Auto Starter Drive Auto Starter Drive Auto Starter Drive
 Auto Starter Drive
 Auto Starter Drive
 Auto Starter Drive
For Series : M-45, (60600024)M-50, (54243783) etc.
For Series : 54243781, 54268565 etc.
For Series : 54290474 etc.

20 MnCr5, Low Carbon Alloy Steel

Case Depth : 0.50 to 0.70 mm. Hardness : 59Starter Drive1 HRC

Best French Company Rollers with Hardness of 61 to 64 HRC

Low temp. Life Time Lubrication, Silicone grease.(Effective between -60°F to 280°F)

Phosphorus Bronze Bush for exact size &durability

Starter Drive

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