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Auto Starter Parts

Teni-x Products are one of the best options to replace the weared automotive parts while going for Remanufacturing Activities. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Auto Starter Parts, KB Starter Parts, Barrel Folo-Thru and Cold extrusion Parts. Our Automotive Starter Parts are developed according to original drawings & specification of the OEM parts. We also make auto starter parts as per customer requirements.

  • All KB Components are made keeping in mind it's high load rotating capacity.
  • Teni-x cold extrusion parts have accurate profiles & dimensions in sleeves & Pinions.
  • Proper annealing is done to assure proper grain structure, machinability & cracking properties of steel.
  • All shafts are cold rolled for straight and helical splines for max. strength.
  • Claw Poles are double annealed and grain structure is kept in limits to attain proper current output.
  • Very high production capacity for cold extruded parts to satisfy customers demand.

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We specialize in developing products as per customers requirement, samples & specifications.

KB Starter Parts
K.B. Armatures Shaft for KB Starters Pinions for KB Starters
 K.B. Armatures
 Shaft for KB Starters
 Pinions for KB Starters
For Series : 2 004 004 003, 2 004 004 033, 2 004 004 112, etc
For Series : 2003162005, 2003162006
For Series : 2006382150, 2006382062

Barrel Folo-Thru
General, Jeep, Mercury Marine Allis Chalmers, Brockway, Caterpillar Allis Chalmers, Brockway, Caterpillar
 General, Jeep, Mercury Marine
 Allis Chalmers, Brockway, Caterpillar
 Allis Chalmers, Brockway, Caterpillar
For Series : 9-T, CW, 3.960 L, 1.016 OD
For Series : 10-T, CW, 5.38 L, 1.575 OD
For Series : 10-T, CW, 5.38 L, 1.575 OD

Cold Extrusion Parts
Claw Pole Forgings Shafts
 Claw Pole
For Series : txtsm
For Series : Pinions & Sleeves
For Series : Starter Armatures & Rotors

KB Starter Parts:
Material :
20 MnCr5 ( Annealed)
Heat Treatment:
CASE DEPTH : 0.50 to 0.70 mm ( effective)
59+/- 1 HRC
Tempring :
extra tempered to protect KEYWAY from breaking on load
Helical Spines:
6 Splines Clock wise ( with helix angle 45 deg 51 min

Barrel Folo-Thru:
Material :
20 MnCr5 ( Annealed)
Inside Ratchets :
Cold pressing for max. life
Splines :
Purely cold rolled

Pinions & Sleeves :
Material - 20MnCr5Annealed and cold extruded using MOS2powder for high surface finish.
SAE 1006, Low Carbon, Double annealed, Cold Forged
En8(D) material, Spline Rolled

* original part no.s are for reference purpose only

Auto Starter Parts

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